Friday, March 18, 2011


Hummer-like are distributed worldwide in the genus Homarus but still made ??only two types, the American lobster ( Homarus americanus ) and the European lobster ( Homarus gammarus ). The former mainly lives in the waters off the North American east coast from Newfoundland to North Carolina ,  the latter in almost all European seas - from the Scandinavian west coast to the Iberian Peninsula and in the Mediterranean In 1995, Up, the small Kaphummer ( 8-10 cm) to the genus Homarus counted, then this was very rare in South African lobster Homarinus capensis renamed.
Also to another species of lobster-like among the Norwegian lobster ( lobster ), which is valued as a delicacy also (" scampi "), and Japanese lobsters .
Habitat of lobster in summer shallow coastal waters with rocky soil in general, and in winter they retreat back into waters of up to 50 m depth.

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