Monday, March 28, 2011

Bikini Car Wash


Bikini car washes are a summer event that occurs possibly as a fund raiser for a school, a sport association or another youth organization or charity. Typically, females in bikinis bring in donors by standing on a roadside with colorful cardboard signs or posters, and the cars are washed by their classmates in a nearby parking lot. Depending on the organization responsible, as well as the local laws, a variation of the bikini car wash sometimes occurs, in which the girls will wash the car topless, usually for an extra fee. This type of car wash is not found in the US as part of any legitimate charitable or fund raising event[citation needed]. There are also commercial bikini car washes, where bikini-clad girls actually wash the cars for a fee and the entertainment of the drivers. Hooters restaurants usually have bikini car washes in the summer to attract customers.

1 comment:

  1. Those are hot-looking cars and hot looking girls - the perfect combination! I love the car in the last picture! A 2-door sports car just hits the right spot for me, not to mention the hot girl washing it. Wohoo!

    Leisa Dreps


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