Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Magna Steyr Mila Aerolight Concept

Magna Steyr has presented the current ongoing Geneva Motor Show 2011 (which will close its doors Sunday), its futuristic concept car, the Mila Aerolight, car segment with 4 seats and extremely lightweight, in fact, the compact house Magna Steyr weighs only 700 kg. Mila Aerolight has a frame made of aluminum alloy and composite materials, while the bodywork was made of heat resistant plastic materials, while ensuring the highest quality standards in terms of safety.

The engine that drives this Aerolight Mila Concept is a cylinder of 800 cubic centimeters powered by methane, can develop a maximum power of 54 hp and a peak torque of 70 Nm, also thanks to its light weight, the concept car Magna Steyr is the house that can hold CO2 emissions to below 55 g / km.
The fuel tank is integrated into a central tunnel, with a capacity of 55 liters, and is able to provide a range of 400 km. In our opinion, very attractive design, with mirrors and minimalist grids input / extraction style racing, as well as two-color alloy rims. Very beautiful and also key the headlights.


Magna Steyr Mila Aerolight

Concept Car



New Concept Car

New Concept Car 2011

Magna Steyr Mila Aerolight Concept

Magna Steyr Mila Aerolight Concept

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