Sunday, April 3, 2011

Honda Accord 2011


The Honda Accord is a car of the Japanese car manufacturer Honda . 1976 Honda Accord opened up new markets in the middle class and established the brand's status as a car manufacturer. The choice of name Accord was based on the intention of man, society and the automobile in a eng. Accord) to bring harmonious agreement "(" = the ratio. In Japan, the Honda Accord used to with luxurious variants in the market for luxury penetrate. Over time, the Accord was published under the name of Vigor , Ascot , Rafaga and Torneo .
Up to and including the fourth generation were in Europe, Japan and North America, at least in principle, the same car as the Accord sold. By the fifth generation of this development has been disconnected, that first the European model is no longer continued to grow. Since the seventh generation for the Japanese market, the small version used, so the Accord in the two countries today as middle class, throughout North America under the same name but a limited akin Full-Size Car is sold.

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